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About Indian Blockchain Institute

Indian Blockchain Institute developed by Snapper Future Tech, is committed towards establishing India as a Global Superpower in Blockchain! With a belief that Blockchain revolution is as big as the Internet revolution itself, the objective is to create and develop a skilled employable workforce. We strive to create the best Blockchain Consultants, Developers, Administrators and Architects with providing quality theoretical content as well as practical hands-on workshops to give industry ready.

Our Offerings

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Game Changer”


10th – 11th JAN. 2020

Grand Hyatt,Goa

Our Experts

Blockchain is transforming business networks as ERP has transformed Enterprises.
Naresh Jain
For the first time in history of mankind, trust is being made open source with blockchain like internet has made…
Prashant Surana
Blockchain Technology can be instrumental in facilitating transparency, trust and security in enterprise business processes.
Kamlesh Nagware
Determination is everything, if the technology is determined to evolve so should you.  
Shihas Kunju

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