Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development Program is a skill development program specially designed for academic educators to understand blockchain and teach blockchain. This program can be 3days to 4 months long.
The objective of the FDP is to introduce fundamentals of Blockchain technology and implementations of Blockchain technology with their real time applications, serving to be a great platform for faculty and researchers to upgrade and master their knowledge in Blockchain technology.
Educators can prepare students to be Industry Ready for blockchain development with our Proprietary Content derived by Industry Professionals First Hand for Ethereum and Hyperledger.
We have a special offer for FDP under the ACITE Initiatives.
Blockchain Centre of Excellence (CoE):
The blockchain CoE is to encourage and foster excellence in blockchain and cultivate a quality talent pool for this emerging technology. IBI can assist Universities set-up their own or use the IBI CoE for study and research requirements in Blockchain technologies like Ethereum & Hyperledger. FDP Programs can be customized to be Blockchain Introductory or Blockchain Advanced
Benefits of FDP from IBI

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