Channel Partner / Marketing Partner

What is your business expansion strategy?

New technologies are introducing major changes and new growth opportunities. While the world gears to implement blockchain technology. The capacity building for corporates will be important to deliver projects. We are onboarding committed channel partners to prepare them towards focused lead generation for our blockchain technology training services in Hyperledger and Ethereum. Sign up using the form below to setup a meeting and partner to market and sell out specialized blockchain services.

Educational Institute Partner

What is your Blockchain Education Strategy?

Universities can partner to create blockchain curriculum to be augmented with B.Tech and programs and upskill their students and faculty. IBI can assist Universities set-up their own Blockchain Center of Excellence on premise or use the IBI CoE for study and research requirements in Blockchain technologies like Ethereum & Hyperledger. This blockchain CoE is to encourage and foster excellence in blockchain and cultivate quality talent pool of Students and Faculty for this emerging technology. Educators can prepare students to be Industry Ready for blockchain development with our Proprietary Content derived by Industry Professionals First Hand for Ethereum and Hyperledger.
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Placement Partner

Where are you looking to find quality blockchain professionals?

IBI offers instructor-led training that’s segmented for different level of roles & expertise in Blockchain technology ranging from Introduction to Blockchain to Blockchain Business Leadership Program as well as preparatory courses for ‘Foundations of IBM Blockchain Platform V2’ and ‘Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator (CHFA)’. Our students are industry ready with rigorous blockchain hand-on training.
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