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The Virtual Blockchain Lab provides an ultramodern computing environment for student network setup, programming assignments, and practice. Our cloud-based learning environment pairs an extensive fully managed software library with a user-friendly and pedagogically effective workbench for creating, distributing, and assessment of assignments.
The projects will be completed on a Virtual Infrastructure, promising all its attendees Industry Experience as well as provide the opportunity to upskill their professional etiquettes. We drive individuals to be proactive and enhance their skills to create talent pools to help them fill current and future roles in Blockchain. Indian Blockchain Institute is the e-learning center of excellence for Blockchain, established for creating future Blockchain professionals through immersive ILT, VILT & V-Bchainlabs. The skills for Hyperledger & Ethereum range from Foundation (101) to Expert (104).

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Why Blockchain Virtual Blockchain Lab? (V-BChainLabs)

Theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge are like two sides of the coin, both are equally important. It takes hours to acquire the art of practical techniques putting in the time to use real-world projects and develop code. Self-Paced programs provide theoretical knowledge on blockchain leaving developers not ready for the job market. V-BChainLabs brings you a fully functional cloud Blockchain environment with Case Studies, Sample Code, Expert Assistance to practice development. Study Materials and Assessments allow you to stay challenged and hone your skills and make the best version of yourself technically.

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