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Who we are ?

Indian Blockchain Institute is an Ed-Tech Company that is committed towards creating skilled Blockchain Professionals. IBI has different dedicated Experts for different Technologies along with State-of-the-Art Infrastructure that is required for blockchain training. IBI has conducted blockchain training for global audiences, Corporates, Colleges and Working Professionals.

IBI is a Technology Education Company that is backed by Snapper Future Tech, a Blockchain Development & Innovation Company. IBI’s primary focus is creating skilled Blockchain Professionals in Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda and other industry leading Blockchain technologies. Having dedicated Infrastructure of experienced faculty with in-depth knowledge of building Enterprise Grade application, Industry proven Proprietary Content and first of a kind IBI Blockchain Virtual Labs enables learners to Learn, Execute & Master entire lifecycle of Blockchain Applications. Building par excellence blockchain talent pools and pipelines will be the biggest priority for Indian Blockchain Institute. IBI conducts instructor led classroom and virtual training programs intended for Working Professionals, Students, Academia and Corporates. Live product programming experience, internships, corporate placement tie-ups, makes IBI candidates productive from day one. IBI Labs enables learners to Learn, Execute & Master entire development lifecycle of Blockchain Applications.

Snapper Future Tech is an Enterprise Blockchain company pioneering in the Blockchain Domain since 2017, backed by the Enemtech Group and strategic investors globally. Snapper has built Blockchain Products & Platforms, which are helping various Industries battle problems such as- Certificate Frauds, Asset Tracking, Insurance Claim Authentication, Fake Medicine Scams by creating Versatile Tracing and Authentication.

We are also the proud backers of an Ed-Tech Company called the Indian Blockchain Institute our Skill Development Initiative, that is focused on creating a talent pool of resources that are equipped with Expertise in Blockchain Technology. The intent of IBI is to provide Top-Quality Blockchain Training to Academics, Corporates as well as Working Professionals, creating a Talent Pool of resources and help them to fill in current and future roles in the Industry. With Snapper Future Tech’s Industry presence, IBI’s candidates will gain first-hand industry experience and placement assistance.

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