IBI Certification Programs

IBI certified programs aim to provide experiential training to prepare a talent pool of Blockchains professionals in all different kind of areas. IBI leverages certified Blockchain professionals with rich work experience on Blockchain projects. We offer programs as per the individual aspiration to be a Blockchain developer, engineer, consultant, architect and executive using different Blockchain framework covering the essential learning of Blockchain technology and the industry use cases. Our certification programs cater to IT professionals, Non-IT Professionals and provides a comprehensive suite of Introductory, Intermediate and Advance programs as per the individual needs and budget. Our program pedagogy covers theory, demos, hands-on, capstone projects, exercises and lab practice.

Why IBI Certification Programs?

IBI Blockchain programs create streamlined pathways to in-demand careers. The programs led by industry experts make you industry-ready with subject-specific knowledge you need to advance in your career or to simply explore a new field. Build skills that can give you greater opportunities in your evolving field today. All IBI certificate programs can be completed online with VILT or at our on-premise location.

The Importance of Technical Certifications

Technical certifications drive a multiplier effect on all the company or customer systems, processes, transactions, and interactions influenced by the certified individual holding just the right mix of knowledge and skills.

Sample Certificate

  • Introductory
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


Blockchain for Beginners

Blockchain for Business Executives


Certified Blockchain Professional

Blockchain In-depth with Ethereum

Certified Ethereum Administrator


Certified Ethereum Professional

Certified Hyperledger Fabric Professional

Certified Ethereum Developer

Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer

Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator

Certified Blockchain Architect

Blockchain for Business

Certified Blockchain Professional Program

Blockchain for Developers

Certified Ethereum Developer Program

Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer Program

Blockchain for Administrators

Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator Program

Blockchain for Architects

Certified Blockchain Architect Program

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