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Blockchain Job Potential – Globally

“Blockchain will revolutionise business, but it’s going to take bit longer, because blockchain is not a ‘disruptive’ technology, which can attack the traditional business models with a low-cost solution and overtake the incumbent firms quickly. Blockchain on the other hand is a foundational technology: It has a potential to create new foundation for our economic and social system. But while the impact will be enormous, it will take decades for blockchain to seep into our economic and social infrastructure,” said Ashutosh Bisht, Senior Research Manager at IDC Asia Pacific. “The process of adoption will be gradual and steady, not sudden, as waves of technological and institutional change gain momentum.”

Pie ChartLinkedIn Job report 2020

  • Blockchain developer is the #1 most emerging job of 2020 according to the LinkedIn Job Report 2020. Development of peer-to-peer Distributed Ledger is the most demanded skill in Blockchain employment opportunities.
  • Previous year’s report consisted of professions such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytical reasoning. In the year 2020 the most unexpected profession has emerged victorious, that is Blockchain.
  • Blockchain in today’s world is not only restricted to use in Cryptocurrencies, but also as an important solution in large businesses.
  • Blockchain Developer had topped the #1 emerging job in 2018 LinkedIn job report. Though it had a rough year in 2019, it seems that Blockchain is a fair competition to the other professions this year, topping another year on the report.


Blockchain Job Potential-Up-work Report

in-demand skill: Blockchain skills rank number one on freelance hiring site Upwork’s list of the fastest-growing skills in demand. 6,000 percent: The year-over-year growth in demand for blockchain skills on Up-work.


LinkedIn 2018 Emerging Jobs Report

Top Skills: Solidity, Blockchain, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Node.js
Top Companies: IBM, ConsenSys, Chainyard
Top Industries: Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Internet
Cities Where Demand is High: San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta


Blockchain Job Potential-Glassdoor Report

U.S. is leading the world in terms of blockchain-related jobs, having about half, or 2,616, of a total of 5,711 blockchain jobs listed on Glassdoor globally. The U.S. is followed by the United Kingdom, with 1,015 blockchain-related job ads

India has taken the third place, with 257 vacancies Open blockchain jobs in the US increased 300% this year compared to last year. As of August 2018, some 1,775 unique blockchain-related jobs were open in the US, compared to 446 one year prior.

Blockchain Job Potential : Hired Data

In February 2019, recruitment company “Hired” released a report showing .Global demand for blockchain engineers is up by 517 percent year-over-year. The second-fastest growing software engineering role is security engineer, with 132 percent growth.Third is embedded engineer, up by 76 percent. The blockchain engineer role also consistently stayed among the top-three most-paid software engineering jobs in the various cities covered in the report. Blockchain engineers are making between $150,000 and $175,000 on average, according to global stats provided to CNBC by Hired, a San Francisco firm.

Blockchain Job Potential- Other Report.

37% of jobs at blockchain-related companies are remote-friendly, compared to roughly 15% at other companies, according to data from AngelList . 18% of CIOs say blockchain skills are the hardest to find of any technology: Gartner Survey – 2019.$250,000 The top end of the annual salary range (which begins at $90,000) for a blockchain research scientist position at San Francisco-based SeeleTech..All “Big Four” professional consulting firms Deloitte, KPMG, PWC and EY are all in the top five when it comes to posting blockchain job ads. IBM is second top in blockchain job ads

Indeed Report

According yo a job site Indeed, Bengaluru is the leading city for those seeking job opportunities, followed by Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai making up the Top Five destinations for Blockchain careers in India.

Location Wise No. of Comparison with Job Postings.


India Blockchain Job Potential

Types of Companies posting Jobs in India


Blockchain Platform Wise Job in India


Required Skills in India



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