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Indian Blockchain Institute has recently launched a new Offering that is “Blockchain For Students”. This new offering is created with a fixated motive of “Blockchain for Students”. This offering includes four different certification programs which are as follows,
-Blockchain Basic Program
-Blockchain Advance Program
-Blockchain Advance With Ethereum Project + Internship
-Blockchain Advance With Hyperledger Fabric Project + Internship

‘Blockchain for Students’ programs are newly and specially designed for students who wish to learn Blockchain Technology and develop projects and use cases on the same! The fees for these courses are nominal as compared to our other courses as to attract more and more students to the ‘Blockchain Basic Program’. This is to make sure large number of interested students can gain quality and exclusive content for not a very high price as well as to promote Blockchain Technology in the minds of the youth. These courses will help us at IBI to exponentially promote Blockchain Technology which is one of our main objectives as to create a training facility for Academics, Individuals and Corporates.

The Blockchain Basic Certification Program will cover various topics like Blockchain History, What is Blockchain?,Transaction Flow in Blockchain, Types of Blockchain Network, Blockchain Evolution etc.

The Blockchain Advance Certification Program will cover various concepts like Aspects of Blockchain, Cryptographic Methods in Blockchain, Block Structure, Mining Process etc. This program also covers certain topics of Solidity and Ethereum like What is Solidity? Solidity Smart Contracts, ERC20 Smart Contracts etc.

The Blockchain Advance with Ethereum Project Certification Program will cover different topics of Blockchain Fundamentals, Blockchain In-Depth as well as different topics of Ethereum Network Set-up and Development like Installing Geth, Deploying Smart Contract in Public Test-Net, Setting up Private Network, Deploying Smart Contract in Private Network, Adding Peers to the Network along with certain topics related to DAPP Development like – Smart Contract Creation and DApp Development etc.

The Blockchain Advance With Hyperledger Fabric Project will cover certain topics of Blockchain Fundamentals and In-Depth, GoLang and Fabric Chain Code, Hyperledger Frameworks & Fabric Concepts and Application Development on Hyperledger Fabric. This is an advanced course that requires certain Pre-Requisites like Basic Programming Skills and understanding of Basic Blockchain Concepts.

The Blockchain Advance With Ethereum Project and Blockchain Advance With Hyperledger Fabric Project also include internship opportunities for students interested to work Snapper and also have promising projects will also be provided with career guidance and proper support to develop their projects!

This offering is solely focused on creating a safe space for students only and to cater to their needs, requirements as well as career aspirations staying true to our motive of Blockchain for Students! These certification programs will work in tandem to our other offerings for Academics and Individuals!

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