Blockchain Administrator

Blockchain Administrator

Young individuals who wish to learn this revolutionary technology often find it difficult to procure the right Blockchain certification courses and programs that suit their needs best. Blockchain is an emerging technology and it is taking the industry by storm! That is why at IBI, keeping in mind the needs, ambitions and aspirations of these young minds, we have specially designed an Offering which is 100% dedicated to students and budding academics who seek Blockchain knowledge and wish to kickstart their careers in the Blockchain domain. By learning this technology, which is often contemplated as “As big as a revolution as the invention of Internet itself!” by many of the world’s leading experts, our students can develop a cutting-edge advantage over their rival individuals in this competitive world. By taking our Blockchain Certification Courses, one will become an adept individual in the Blockchain space.

Our Blockchain Certification Courses cover different Blockchain topics like Blockchain Concepts, Blockchain Potential, Introduction to Ethereum, Solidity Smart Contracts, Hands-on using Remix etc., these exclusive topics will be covered in the Blockchain Bootcamp Module. The ‘Blockchain Advance With Ethereum Projects Module’ cover certain topics like, Blockchain Introduction, Blockchain In-depth Concepts, Ethereum Network Set-up, Solidity Language, Smart Contract Deployment, Development of Decentralized Apps, Project on Real Life Use Cases etc. These two modules are designed as to make sure that the students get introduced to the World of Blockchain and have an amazing learning experience with our Hands-On Projects and study of Real-Life Use Cases. Students can also schedule to our Free Blockchain Webinars and Free Workshops to gain knowledge about other topics that are related to Blockchain. These webinars are totally free and are conducted every week depending on our availability as well as our other commitments. Our other website SnapperBuzz features articles with Blockchain related topics along with other Real-Life Use-Cases and news about Industries that have implemented Blockchain Technology. We at IBI, have also made sure that no knowledge is forbidden and that is why our content is also made available on Virtual Classrooms which can be viewed even after the completion of a course or a module! Our YouTube Channel also features exciting videos about Hot Topics related to blockchain as well as videos of Webinars and Seminars conducted in various colleges. At IBI, we make sure we look after you and your needs, we make sure that your career is in safe hands and all your ambitions are fulfilled! All these mediums are to make sure that academics get a great learning experience with real-life use cases of Blockchain Tech!

1) Blockchain Bootcamp Module
Program Features
-Internship & Project sponsorship opportunities
-Number of Hours: 8 Hours
-Number of Sessions: 1
-Course Duration: 1

2) Blockchain Advance With Ethereum Projects Module
Program Features
-Number of Hours: 64 Hours
-Number of Sessions: 8
-Course Duration: 2 Months
-Additional Hours: 120 Hours

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